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International + National

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Sex + Relationships

How Do People in Tiny Homes Have Sex? | Cosmpolitan

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Why Selena Gomez Talking about Depression Helps Everyone | ELLE 

The Rise of the #Hamilbrag | Esquire

Yes, And...A Conversation with Mike Birbiglia | The Austin Chronicle (March 10, 2016 edition)

In the White Room with Black Writers: Hollywood's "Diversity Hires" | Defamer

Fashion + Beauty

Lessons From a 4-Day Experiment With Laxative Teas | NY Mag: The Cut

What the New Playboy Learned from the Lessons of Porn Chic | Fusion

Think Like a Lady, Buy Like a Man | Racked

Has Technology Killed the Jewelry Industry? | PS Magazine


How I Learned to Love Indian Breakfast | Extra Crispy

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I Went to Five Different Starbucks to See Who Would Talk to Me About Race | The Frisky

Dating Advice From My Arranged Married Mom | NY Mag: The Cut